Hunter Growth Fund

Hunter Growth Fund

The Hunter Growth Fund (the Fund) is a PIE-compliant New Zealand-domiciled fund with investments managed by Hunter Investment Management Limited (Hunter). Implemented Investment Solutions Limited (IIS) is the issuer and manager of the Fund.  The Fund is registered as an offer within a Managed Investment Scheme under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 and is regulated by the FMA.

Hunter promotes and distributes the Fund.  Tony Hildyard is the Managing Director and is responsible for managing all client relationships.

The Fund provides investors with access to a low cost diversified portfolio of assets.  It aims for high long-run returns by investing in a diversified portfolio weighted towards growth assets but with some income asset exposure.  The Fund invests in a variety of asset classes and investment can be either directly in securities (including derivatives) or via a suitable fund, both in New Zealand and internationally.

The key features of the Fund:

    1. Providing investors with a PIE compliant fund
    2. Managed in accordance with Hunter’s philosophy, which is:
      • both active and passive investment strategies can play valuable roles within portfolio construction;
      • strategic asset allocation is an important component in determining long-term investment returns and the trade-off between risk and return;
      • diversification across a range of geographic regions, asset classes and securities is an important risk mitigation factor;
      • regular rebalancing is beneficial to ensure appropriate risk tolerances are maintained so long as this is undertaken in a cost effective way;
      • fees reduce returns to investors and are an important consideration; and
      • taxation can also be a drag on returns and structuring of investment matters.

The Fund is registered as an offer within a Managed Investment Scheme under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 and is regulated by the FMA.

Please click here to view the Fund’s documentation.

PIE status and other tax treatments

The Fund is a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) and is taxed under the PIE tax regime.  The Fund and portfolio structure is intended to be tax efficient for New Zealand investors, including tax exempt clients.

Supervisor & Custodian

The Supervisor of the Fund is Public Trust. Public Trust is responsible for monitoring the manager, checking that the fund is operated in accordance with the governing documents, and for ensuring the safekeeping of the scheme property. Public Trust has appointed Adminis Custodial Nominees Limited as independent custodian of the scheme property.


The administrator of the Fund is Adminis NZ Limited.  They provide core administration functions including unit pricing and fund accounting.


Adminis NZ Limited manages the Fund registry functions.


PwC is the auditor of the Fund.